GT tuning for Spitfire FD engine/GT6 KC/HC block

We are pleased to be able to offer Spitfire/GT6 race heads for the 1300
(This is as a result of high demand for products which ACTUALLY work & we keep it simple!)

We can offer 2 grades of performance upgrade which we trust will give satisfaction.
One of these is specifically designed to last very well with modern fuel/higher performance cams,-the other should only be used with cams over 308deg duration.

  • 1,- Road head, -CR 10:1
    DO NOT USE with standard cam, it will destroy the engine.
    (Most companies would call this a full race head- It is not, but can give very strong torque with the right cam.)
    Larger valves 214N exhausts, non ferrous guides, improved valve springs, good porting and chamber work.
    Made on the back of our modified engines for french Autoroutes,
    It is DESIGNED to last,-run continuously for hours at 4000-6000rpm, not just talk about it!
    Characteristic is arrival of good torque from about 2800rpm, with a surge at about 4000rpm and very good power up to as high as 7500rpm.
    Needs good quality head gasket, and very good 4-2-1 design exhaust.
    Price approx 520/800E

  • 2,- Race head -CR 11.8:1
    This head builds on our work with valve shapes,sizes & engine building work. A head with a rather harsher characteristic.
    Designed to operate continuously at it's best between 4000-8000rpm, with not much power off cam.
    A typical characteristic is violent arrival on cam about 4300rpm, with an extended power band to 9000rpm+ with the right camshaft.
    If you use this with a standard bottom end it will disintegrate.
    Furthermore all components and ancilliaries MUST be optimised for this level of performance.
    This includes air horns, and lightweight RACE exhaust to correct dimensions.
    To get this to work properly you will need;- Steel rods, high grade or forged pistons, steel flywheel,race clutch,

    Steel or almost new crank,-max grind .010.
    Properly build and blueprint.
    New or blueprinted rocker gear
    High performance camshaft and followers
    We reccommend building in house as a complete engine.

    Head Price approx 750/1050E

  • Some extra parts which may be needed and we can supply,-
    TR5 camshaft for Spitfire 35-65 65 35 lift .360
    Rally cam for Spitfire 37-67 73 31 lift .420

    Race camshaft 308 degrees lift .410
    Race camshaft 52 78 88 42 310 degrees Lift .440
    Race camshaft 62 94 94 62 336 degrees lift .410
    Race camshaft 76 96 96 76 352 degrees lift .415
    race camshaft 70 90 90 30 340 degrees lift .400

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